“Lynn Davis – Modern Views of Ancient Treasures” ?>

"Lynn Davis - Modern Views of Ancient Treasures"

From: 04-10-2012 To: 13-01-2013

A display of photographs by Lynn Davis, still considered one of the foremost photographers on the American scene, is on show at the National Archaeological Museum of Venice, St. Mark’s Square, until January 13th 2013. The exhibition presents us with one of her most amazing collection of images, all centred on the theme of man’s sacred places: monumental tombs in the middle of the desert, temples rising like stalagmites out of the plain, sacred figures emerging from mountainsides. Lynn Davis was a pupil of the legendary photographer, Berenice Abbott, and a friend of Robert Mapplethorpe, the “maudit” photographer on the New York stage during the 1980s. Davis endeavours to seek out “timeless” places in her work: locations which now, as in the past, communicate a sense of the absolute to us human beings. The exhibition at the Archaeological Museum has an added significance: the photographs do not only interact with the viewer, but also with the actual exhibits on display in the museum, which also in an ideal sense form part of Lynn Davis’ research.

“Lynn Davis – Modern Views of Ancient Treasures”
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“Lynn Davis – Modern Views of Ancient Treasures”