DANCE BIENNALE – “Abitare il mondo” (Living in the world) ?>

DANCE BIENNALE - "Abitare il mondo" (Living in the world)

From: 02-05-2013 To: 30-04-2013


Dance Biennale 2013 - The activities of the Dance Biennale 2013, directed from 2013 by Virgilio Sieni, LIVING IN THE WORLD - TRASMISSION AND PRACTICE, start on 2 May and end on 28, 29 and 30 June with 3 consecutive days from morning till night in different areas of Venice, during which the public can enjoy presentations of short choreographies, all unpublished, which are the outcome of the different courses of training and creation that are the theme of the Dance College Biennale. Abitare il mondo (Living in the World) - Transmission and Practices is the title of the three-year programme of new director Virgilio Sieni. For 2013, it includes a series of training and creation courses on the language of contemporary dance that ends in short shows - single fragments, or in diptych form - open to the public in the last 3 days of June. Every day, from morning until night, the spotlight will be on an area of the city of Venice, or polis, crossed by the creations of the Dance College Biennale. Each area, with its fields, squares, courtyards and cloisters, palace halls, theatres and arsenals, will become an integrated system of places, seen in relation to the process of creation, but also crossed by the public in a journey from the intimacy of enclosed spaces leading to the choralism of open spaces and vice versa. There will be more than 20 spaces involved in the poleis of San Marco and the Arsenal: from Ca' Giustiniani, home of the Biennale, the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, Teatro La Fenice and the Ateneo Veneto, to Campo San Vidal, Campo Pisani and Campo S. Stefano; from Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Teatro alle Tese and Tese dei Soppalchi to Calle del forno, Fondamenta della lana, Riva dei 7 Martiri, Giardini, etc. ..

DANCE BIENNALE – “Abitare il mondo” (Living in the world)
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DANCE BIENNALE – “Abitare il mondo” (Living in the world)