Veneto Villas - Bacchiglione River

Villa Negri Cerone now Cogo in Bartesina It is a building dating back to the first decade of 1700s and is characterized by a sixteenth century style. Its plan is square with a large pronao enclosed in the façade with columns. On the right, far from the house, there are a patrician chapel and the barchessa. Villa Chiericati Ghislanzoni del Barco Curti in Bartesina It is an eighteenth century villa with an irregular plant; the master’s house is placed at one end of the construction. (It can be visited by appointment). Villa Gazzotti Marcello Curti in Bertesina It is a building designed by Palladio in advanced degradation. The villa, which has got a very plain structure, has got a central loggia composed of three arcades. (It can be visited by appointment. At present it is closed for repairs). Villa Thienein Quinto Vicentino Palladio took inspiration from the Roman spas for the construction of such palace which, anyway, was not terminated. (It can be visited by appointment). Villa Contarini Cameriniin Piazzola sul Brenta The construction of this villa began in 1546 and it is attributed, at least in the beginning, to Palladio. Between 1671 and 1676 Marco Contarini added two sides ending with a balustrade adorned with statues. Of the same period are the Baroque-style decorations placed on the palladian façade and the wide colonnades which at present form the main square of the village. In 1700s an oratory was added. (It can be visited by appointment). Villa Ferramosca Beggiato inGrisignano di Zocco,Barbano It is an oeuvre by Giandomenico Scamozzi who took inspiration from Palladio and dates back to 1568. Villa Grimani Marcello Soriniin Montegalda It is a real castle dating back to the end of the twelfth century. It was used barracks up to the seventeenth century. Between 1600s and 1700s it was tranformed into a patrician residence. (It can be visited opon request: Via Castello 21, 36047 Montegalda, VI) Villa Conti Campagnolo called ‘La Deliziosa’in Montegaldella It was altered about in 1850s and its first building dates back to 1622. This villa is famous for its refined sculptures and wrought iron works. Villa Trento Carliin Costozza di Longare It is an impressive seventeenth century building placed on sloping hill; it contains a construction of 1400s. (Only the garden and the central hall can be visited). Villa da Schioin Costozza di Longare It is composed of three distinct buildings placed on different levels on a sloping hill. In the lower part there is Ca’ Molina; slightly on an upper level there is the villa Da Schio; on a bit higher position we find a construction called Cave of Marinali. Villa Godi now Piovene Porto Godiin Grumolo delle Abbadesse, Sarmego It is a typical construction which characterizes the villas of the province of Vicenza: the barchesse in a ‘L’ shape surrounding a courtyard and the villa placed at one end of ‘L’. This building probably dates back to the last years of 1500s. Villa Da Porto Rigo in Grumolo delle Abbadesse, Vancimuglio It follows the plan of one of Palladio’s collaborators, namely Domenico Groppino.


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