Euganean Thermal Baths - Abano and Montegrotto

  • LOCATION: Terme Euganee

The Euganean Thermal Baths, with the two main centres of Abano and Montegrotto are the ideal place to regain wellness and to have a holiday full of balance and tranquillity. The secret is in the hot water, which contains salt, bromine and iodine, of these spa that comes from the uncontaminated basins of the Alpine and runs in more than 50 years, the distance of 70-100 km, passing through the underground, where it reaches a temperature of 87 ° and is enriched with mineral salts. In the area of the spa the water makes a rapid ascent while maintaining almost unchanged both temperature and salinity. Its chemical composition and temperature play an important role on the therapeutic effects of mud and in the development of special vegetal  (algae) and animal (microorganisms) microflora that is formed during the process of maturation of the mud, the mud thanks to which the Euganean Baths are among the biggest international centres of mud therapy. In the more than 100 hotels with swimming pools and indoor care wards, in which each therapeutic treatment program is carried out under the supervision of a medical director and qualified staff, is offered a wide range of personalized programs. The thermal medicine is used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. In particular, OSTEOPOROSIS, the FIBROMIOSOTICS RHEUMATISMS, TRAUMATIC LESIONS and AFTER EFFECTS OF FRACTURE. In addition, all hotels have a special department for the inhaled Balneotherapy, which is widely used in the treatment of many respiratory and ENT diseases. Jacuzzi, deep massage, physiotherapy and, in the field of regenerative medicine, the hydrokinesitherapy also provide an almost indispensable complement of a mud bath. Spa therapies complementing and enhancing the beneficial effects of rehabilitation medicine and physiokinesitherapy exerting a positive effect on the entire body, on the behaviour and the actual tone. For this reason, the spa area is organized with an entire section dedicated to the practice of many sports: from swimming pools to gyms, from tennis courts to jogging areas in the park, from riding to golf courses, from bicycles to walks on the Euganean hills. Everything in a relaxing and fun atmosphere and in the context of excellent services, offered with warmth and professionalism.


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