For Peace Sake. The long road through Europe ?>

For Peace Sake. The long road through Europe

From: 01-11-2014 To: 12-01-2015
Palazzo Ducale

  • LOCATION: Palazzo Ducale

Peace treaties from 1529 until the mid '700 on display in Venice, at Palazzo Ducale.

Part of the valuable documentary heritage, made up of extraordinary documents and cartographic images of Europe, coming from the State Archive of Venice, is on display at the Poll Hall of the Palazzo Ducale until January 12, 2014: For Peace Sake. The long road to Europe. This is an exhibition prepared in conjunction with the Semester of Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union that aims to celebrate the theme of peace as the supreme value of European culture, from the Renaissance up to the Declaration of Human Rights promulgated in 1789. For Peace Sake. The long walk to Europe exposes peace treaties between European authorities since the Peace of Bologna of 1529-1530 reaching the peace treaties of Cateau-Cambresis, Westphalia, Aachen and Nijmegen, of which the original documents, result of consummate Venetian diplomacy are kept in the bottom of the dispatches of Senate ambassadors and other documentary series of the State Archives of Venice. The sequence of events and documents is embedded in a context of growing awareness of the need to find political and diplomatic means that would avoid destructive wars, whose main victims were civilians, theme that with the passing of time became more and more present on the stage of history , upsetting the worn-out clerks. Divided into four sections - Imago Europae; Venice and the courts of Europe: the archives of diplomacy; Europe in search of peace; The Greeks in Venice. Signs of peaceful coexistence - the exhibition runs through three centuries of European history, marked by partial or total conflicts, by shifting alliances, diplomatic marriages, sudden reversion of sides by hosts and fortune, as Machiavelli taught, but scanned at the same time by important treaties, which put an end to the historic wars such as the Thirty Years one, or the one of devolution, the one of Holland and of United Provinces, that of the Spanish Succession, and then Polish, and Austrian. Timetable 8:30 to 17:30 (entry allowed until 16.30) Closed on 25 December and 1 January Tickets The exhibition is open on the ticket of the 'Museums of St. Mark's Square "


For Peace Sake. The long road through Europe
Palazzo Ducale Palazzo Ducale Palazzo Ducale, Italia
For Peace Sake. The long road through Europe