Lo Scriba

  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39.041.4769324

  • WEBSITE: www.scribavenice.com

  • LOCATION: Sestiere Castello 5728, Salizada San Lio, 30122 Venezia

Lo Scriba is a workshop situated in the center of Venice. Born from the great artistic experience and the excellent handcrafted knowledge of its owner Giuseppe Ferlito, Scriba is a window to the past where you can rediscover the charm of the ancient calligraphy. Attractive place for calligraphy lovers and collectors, but also for tourists intrigued from our manifacturing techniques, the shop offers a wide choice of handmade products only, relating to the art of the “penmanship” and bookbinding. The commercial initiative, all along characterized on the local craftsmanship, over the years allowed us to have an accurate and conscientious selection of the raw materials for the realisation of our products in order to guarantee to our customers not only the uniqueness and originality, but also quality and duration. So, entering our workshop you will be welcomed in our world as well: a studio of ideas al little bit out of time where the vegetable-tanned leather typical smell mixes up to the marbled paper remnants scattered almost everywhere, letting free space to everyone's creativity. Our marbled paper handmade products vaunt the quality of the materials and the accuracy of the manual work. The characteristic technique to paint the paper make every single sheet an unique piece, and also every artistic creation an original gift idea. Our staff will be willing to follow you and help you in your choices making available every information about the origin and the production of every single product, showing you the merit of every single piece.


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