MARTIAL RAYSSE 2015-1958 / 1958-2015 ?>

MARTIAL RAYSSE 2015-1958 / 1958-2015

From: 12-04-2015 To: 30-11-2015


From April 12th Palazzo Grassi presents a great retrospective dedicated to Martial Raysse.

Until the end of November 2015 the Pinault Foundation, which is located in Palazzo Grassi in Venice, presents MARTIAL RAYSSE 2015-1958 / 1958-2015, the first retrospective of the French artist being organised outside France after a long time. The exhibition path takes an approach to Martial Raysse's work that is not chronological but thematic. Through more than 300 works among paintings, sculptures, video or neon line installations, the visitor can explore the colourful artistic world of one of the most significant contemporary French artists, Martial Raysse, from the 50s to the most recent developments.  The exhibition covers every aspect of the artist’s work: his small sculptures, which range from simple figures to games played with himself, the drawing as work of preparation, his films that show his libertarian ideas, and also the paintings that represent his most accomplished work. Moreover, the path proposes some works that can be seen as self-portraits, reflecting the needs of the artist and the loneliness he has to live in order to move forward in his research. As the curator Caroline Burgeois said, Martial Raysse is one of the few artists for whom tackling the history of “great” art head on is what really matters, and this has been since the outset of his career. Therefore, there are renaissance references - like in “Portrait of the Ancient Friend” (1963) or in “Via Velazquez” (2003) or again in the drawing “Ramonalisa” (1993) – but also the paramours that are beloved in French paintings, the banal aspects of daily life and a lot of women portraits. All is presented by distance, through humor or by trying to copy the masters, in accordance with the principle expressed by Eugenio Garin that “to imitate is to become aware of oneself”. The exhibition also reveals the great amount of effort for his work, that want to propose a sort of philosophy of life. Through his radical use of colour and treatment freedom, Raysse want to show us the beauty of the world, the need for each of us to be involved in it, the responsibility that each of us has for the others and for the community. Opened every day from 10 am to 7 pm (closed on Tuesday) The ticket office closes at 6 pm Full ticket € 15,00 Palazzo Grassi OR Punta della Dogana € 20,00 Palazzo Grassi AND Punta della Dogana


MARTIAL RAYSSE 2015-1958 / 1958-2015
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MARTIAL RAYSSE 2015-1958 / 1958-2015