Personal Shopper in Venice

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  • LOCATION: Piazza San Marco, Venezia

When in Venice, try our Personal Shopping Experts

Shopping in Venice is definetely a wonderful activity and an absolute must for those who stay in our beautiful city. Those who love shopping will find many shops in Venice where you can give what you desire. If you love collecting souvenirs there is something there is something for everyone and especially for the finest. In addition to small shops of masks and other objects you will find also wonderful shop to buy lamps vases, objects in precious Murano Glass. The narrows streets, the courts, the fields of Venice, and especially those they branch off from Piazza San Marco, have an incredible concentration of galleries dedicated to jewelry, luxury and style without precedent the ideal place for who wants to go shopping in Venice. "It’s true! When in Venice, you HAVE TO get lost in order to best experience and enjoy the city, its maze of alleys and streets and little squares, its surprises and its gifts. If you are looking for something in particular, if you need to find a certain item or gift for a friend, family, your special someone (or yourself!) or if you want to get to know Venice shopping secrets Just drop me a line! We are the Venetian Personal Shopping Experts, we know the city where we were born and bred, we know its shops, its stores, its endless shopping possibilities. Ask us  question about shopping in Venice (shops, products, addresses etc) and We will answer right away! And if you plan on visiting Venice, We can be your Personal Shoppers here, if you
  • are short of time
  • are short of ideas
  • need a wardrobe makeover (We are Image Coach too)
  • simply want to see the city in a different light and discover its hidden gems
  • are ready to live a dream-like experience with the help of our Personal Concierge Team"


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