Ray Venetian

  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39.041.2412712

  • WEBSITE: www.raggioveneziano.com

  • LOCATION: Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco 2953 | Venice, Italy

Ray Venetian is a company of artistic leather products , with one study/ stores in Venice. Our models are unique creations, products of our experience and creativity. Our dream is to give life to an authentic design in leather that is handmade with needle, thread leather and traditional hand tools. Color and the brilliance of our bags are derived from the choice of using vegetable tanned in Tuscany. The tanning is done with natural tannins extracted from plants, without the use of substances prohibited by law. The tannins used and the slow process of tanning are the Peculiarities of processing and quality of the skins. Small veins, blemishes, testify the naturalness of the material making each skin and then each bag unique. Inclusion of decorations in Murano glass, in a modern interpretation, helps make our bags exclusive. Each pearl is always unique and Therefore can have different shades of color and design. Our work continues and is experimental research Expressed in creating always new and models materials.


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