Real Bodies: “Human Art” at Palazzo Zaguri in Venice ?>

Real Bodies: "Human Art" at Palazzo Zaguri in Venice

From: 20-11-2019 To: 30-10-2020
Palazzo Zaguri - Campo San Maurizio

  • LOCATION: Palazzo Zaguri - Campo San Maurizio

"Real Bodies Human Art Exhibition" waits for you at Palazzo Zaguri in Venice: a unique exhibition that leads you to discover all the aspects of the human body. As a 3D anatomy atlas, the exposure is realized with real bodies and human finds preserved through plastination - a particular conservation technique.   Inside the noble Palazzo Zaguri, the visitors can observe the plastinated body of a Murano glass master working in front of a typical furnace, and the first plastinated gondolier placed on a real gondola. Everyone will be able to observe the movements of the muscles implied in the classic Venetian rowing technique. These new human anatomical findings have been realized, in over 3 years of work, as a tribute to Venice.   The exhibition director, Venice Exhibition, divided the show into several sections - each one dedicated to a particular apparatus. From the skeleton to the muscles and nerves; from the cardiovascular system to the respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary tract, up to the sectional anatomy with a view to the future of biomedicine and biomechanics.   "Today more than yesterday, you can understand that Real Bodies is not just a media event but a scientific exhibition accessible to anyone" continues the curator of the exhibition Dr. Antonello Cirnelli - forensic pathologist, specialist in legal and insurance medicine, consultant and expert of the Court of Venice - "Who thinks that the Hippocratic assumption" Observatio et Ratio "(first Observation and then Reasoning) is no longer alive, will reconsider it. In fact, understanding the diseases and their dynamics is a battle that necessarily involves everyone".   Real Bodies Human Art Exhibition offers the direct and conscious vision of the human body and gives to the children and adults a real capacity for "observation and reasoning".   MORE INFO Opening days Everyday from 10am to 7pm (last entrance at 6pm)  


Real Bodies: “Human Art” at Palazzo Zaguri in Venice
Palazzo Zaguri - Campo San Maurizio Palazzo Zaguri - Campo San Maurizio Palazzo Zaguri - Campo San Maurizio, Italia
Real Bodies: “Human Art” at Palazzo Zaguri in Venice