Restaurant Al Vecio Canton

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Castello 4738a | 30122 Venice
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  • LOCATION: Castello 4738a | 30122 Venice

The name of our restaurant Al Vecio Canton, is Venetian dialect for "al vecchio angolo", which literally means "on the old corner" and the restaurant does indeed stand on the corner at the end of calle Ruga Giuffa, in Castello. The Ruga Giuffa, just a few minutes' away from Piazza S. Marco, has very ancient origins. Its name derives from the French "rue" and the name of the Armenian city "Julfa". In the 1500s, merchants from Julfa, driven from their country by the King of Persia, settled in Venice, particularly in the Ruga Giuffa which connected (and still does today) S. Zaccharia with Campo S. Maria Formosa. The restaurant is situated on two floors. The upper floor is air-conditioned. Both rooms of the restaurant have flat screen TVs, giving diners the opportunity to watch and enjoy international sports events or video music entertainment. Please contact owner and chef, Luca, if you would like to organize a special occasion for your friends, family or colleagues.



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Restaurant Al Vecio Canton

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Restaurant Al Vecio Canton

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