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Sestiere Cannaregio | 1828 30121 | Venezia, Italia
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  • LOCATION: Sestiere Cannaregio | 1828 30121 | Venezia, Italia

Right in the heart of Venice, between Santa Lucia train station and the Rialto Bridge, and just a few steps away from the Casino, you will find a restaurant where we have translated our welcoming philosophy into a concrete culinary experience: “La Colombina”. Today, this is historical venue of the Venetian lagoon has acquired a new soul and is living a new life which aims to conjugate tradition and modernity, not just in the culinary sense, but also by offering a warm, informal and welcoming ambiance. In other words the ideal location where to spend a pleasant evening with friends, celebrate a special occasion or even drop by for a lunch with work colleagues! There are numberless reasons to visit and revisit Venice, but now you can add one more: Restaurant La Colombina, a gastronomic experience inspired by tradition but also focused on contemporaneity. In short, a new “classic” ranging from traditional Venetian dishes to unique gourmet temptations going from aperitifs to lunches and special occasions. Two quick words on our cooking: The culinary experience provided by our chefs is characterised by ingredients that are extremely carefully selected and prevalently locally sourced, combined in traditional recipes, with a pinch of creativity, good taste, and with a specific keenness in the preparation of healthy dishes particularly low in fat content. All this, dressed by a special attention to the modern trends and requirements of a contemporary clientele. With this in mind, we are also ready to customize our dishes according to your special desires or requirements (allergies, intolerances...). Our aperitif time (11am – 1pm & 5pm – 8pm): During these times, come in and enjoy a glass of quality wine or just a Spritz… by the way, did you know that the habit of adding water to wine was born during the Austrian domination of Venice? And all this accompanied by tasty specialities ranging from traditional delicacies (“Saor”, selections of sliced “affettati” or “frico”) to more contemporary dishes such as “Squid Cappuccino”, “Celery and DOP Gorgonzola Cheese”. In addition to what mentioned above, we firmly believe that one of our most important ingredients is a generous portion of conviviality and a sincere Italian smile ready to welcome you and introduce you to all our suggestions. At your disposal you will also find a small but extremely well-supplied culinary library.



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Restaurant La Colombina

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