Valese Foundry

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  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39.041.5227282


  • LOCATION: San Marco | Calle Fiubera 793 | 30124 Venice, Italy

The Valese Foundry was established in the historic center of Venice in 1913. It uses the traditional method of sand casting to produce beautifully crafted items: from the ornaments used to decorate gondolas to the lampposts used to illuminate the Grand Canal; from reproductions of famous monuments to moulds used for glassmaking. The Valese Foundry also produces 'tailor-made' objects and reproductions of complex items such as chandeliers and antique fittings. The excellent quality of its products has attracted prestigious clients including the Hotel Gritti in Venice and the Fox Theater in Atlanta as well artists such as Jean Arp. Founded by Luigi Valese in 1913, the foundry is located near the Church of La Madonna dell'Orto, Cannaregio, Venice. Using traditional sand casting methods, it is one of the few foundries that uses the plug moulding technique.


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