Veneto Villas - Lower Padova

Villa Loredan in Sant’Urbano It is a building following the plan of the Venetian medieval house; a mansory smooth cube which is decorated only with frescoes and openings. The interior of the noble floor is adorned with some frescoes; they are paintings following the Veronese school and they represent some scenes of the ‘ Metamorphosis’ by Ovidio. (It can be visited on reservation) Villa Contarini del Principein Este It was built in 1500s by Vincenzo Scamozzi for the family Contarini. Its structure is composed of a square with a Greek cross in it, close to which there is a rectangular body. (It can be visited on request) Villa Ca’ Pesaro in Este It is a sumptuous Baroque style building with a central body on three floors. It was left unfinished by Longhena and terminated in 1730 by Antonio Gaspari. At present the religious building is used as a place for teaching. Villa Pisani called ‘The Palace’in Montagnana, Borgo San Zeno It was designed by Andrea Palladio and erected between 1553 and 1555 for Francesco Pisani. It is a typical town building composed of a compact block and enrichedby a double loggia with a tympanum. It is unfinished as, according to the design, the lateral sides are lacking. (It can be visited except for the inside) Villa Dolfin Marchiori in Lendinara Rather than a villa it is a town building as it rises in the centre of the village. It has got a great central loggia preceded by a balcony.


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