Veneto Villas - Lower Sile

Villa Albrizzi Franchettiin Preganziol, San Trovaso This villa became famous also because it welcomed some renowned characters such as Foscolo, Byron, Pindemonte and Canova. It represents the inland transposition of the concept of lagoon middle-class house: a cube having just a tympanum; the two barchesse have, on the contrary, palladian features. (It can be visited only outside). Villa Corner Gabbianelli in Casale sul Sile It is a fifteenth century construction wanted by Cristina Cornaro. The ground floor has got a colonnade with five arcades; on the whole it is a rather plain building. Villa Giustinian Ciani Bassettiin Roncade This villa rises inside an enclosure supplied with square towers on the corners while the towers at the entrance are round. The central building has got two small towers rising on the roof. Though this place is defined a ‘castle’ actually it is a refined residence built about in 1520 for family Giustinian. The building is endowed with two barchesse with an arcade which slightly differ from the central body. (It can be visited by request).


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