Veneto Villas - Nearby Vicenza

Villa Badoer Trissino Rigo in Cricoli It is a villa designed by Palladio; in its Renaissance structure we can see some castellan tradition: the palace is in fact enclosed by four towers. Its façade has got a Renaissance aspect. (It can be visited on request). Villa Bertolo Valmarana called ‘at Dwarves’ in Vicenza The nickname is due to the presence of several statues adorning the brick wall, which represents some dwarves. These statues were placed in 1700s on G.B. Tiepolo’s advice. The villa is composed of three buildings placed one behind the other inside a large Italian style garden; the first building is the real villa (1665-1670) behind which we find the barchessa (1736) used as guest-rooms; then there are the stables. (It can be visited on working days). Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana called ‘ The Rotonda’in Vicenza It was begun by Palladio and finished by Scamozzi probably between 1570 and 1580. Its structure is composed of a stone cube ending with a dome and enriched, on each side, by Ionic colonnades preceded by staircases. All the four sides are identical. It has got a symmetrical structure both outside and inside, with its central hall covered by a dome. An internal round terrace opens to the hall below the dome. (It can be visited against payment).


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