Veneto Villas - Upper Brenta (Vicenza)

Villa Valmarana Rossi in Bolzano Vicentino, Lisiera This villa was designed by Palladio and rises on the ruins of a former building. The whole structure is very different from Palladio’s designs except for the arcade with Ionic columns. (It can be visited) Villa Sesso Schiavo Narbone in Sandrigo It was built in the 1500s and has got a regular lenghtwise plan. A Doric colonnade opens onto four rooms painted in fresco; the central body is currently used as a residence. Opposite the courtyard there is the barchessa following the same Doric colonnade. (It can be visited by appontment). Villa Angaran delle Stelle Cattaneoin Mason Vicentino It is a refined representation of the eighteenth century in Vicenza. This villa appears rather bare on three sides while the fourth one is enriched with Ionic pilaster strips and statues on its top. Villa Rezzonico Gaspariniin Bassano Del Grappa It was built by family Rezzonico following a design which traces the model of a medieval castle: four square towers surround the central body. The barchesse and the patrician chapel placed in a large park are of late Baroque-style. Villa Giusti del Giardiniin Bassano Del Grappa It was the seventeenth century residence of family Zimbelli. In the 1700s two lateral arcades were added to the villa; at the beginning of 1900s behind the building a pronao with enormous Ionic columns supporting two balconies was built. (It cannot be visited inside) Villa Gradenigo now Michiel Bianchiin Bassano Del Grappa It is a building of late seventeenth century by the architect Domenico Margotti, maybe following the project of Baldassarre Longhena. The plan of the whole edifice has got a U shape containing two barchesse with a Doric portico. Inside the barchesse there is a patrician chapel. Villa Negri Da Porto Piovenein Mussolente It was erected in 1763 by the architect Antonio Gaidon. An impressive staircase leads to the villa: a master’s house on three floors close to two lateral arcades. The attics are adorned with several statues. (It can be visited only by groups and by appointment) Villa Cortellotto Comelloin Rossano Veneto, Mottinello Nuovo It was built in 1500s and renewed in the eighteenth century. It was an enormous self-sufficient edifice: the actual villa, the barchessa, an area with the houses of the members of the staff, a spinning-mill and a mill. All that was all around a square. (It can be visited outside). Villa Dolfin Boldù in Rosà, Ca’ Dolfin It is a large dimensions edifice which surrounds a closed courtyard. Inside there is a very interesting play room containing some rare Baroque-style realizations such as: a roundabout, a machine for perpetual motion and some animated metal pictures. Villa Morosini Cappelloin Cartigliano It represents an original structure of the second half of the sixteenth century: a rectangular central body which is arranged on two floors, completely surrounded by a Ionic colonnade placed on a portico with enclosed arches. (It can be visited by appointment).


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