56th International Art Exposition ?>

56th International Art Exposition

From: 09-05-2015 To: 22-11-2015
Venice Biennale
  • WEBSITE: www.labiennale.org

  • LOCATION: Venice Biennale

The Biennale of Art 2015, titled “All the World's Futures”, will be dedicated to the possible futures of the world.

The 56th International Art Exposition of the Venice Biennale, cured by the Nigerian-American Okwui Enwezor, introduces itself like a new reflection on the relation between art and reality of our times. The first big new of this year will be an anticipated opening than the previous exhibitions: the Biennale of Art will open on May 9th, simultaneously with the Expo 2015 of Milan. Then it will be, for the first time in the history of the Venetian event, an African to guide the International Contemporary Art Exposition, Okwui Enwezor, considered the most theorical of the critics. He imagined its own Biennale like a chaotic radiography of the “state of things”, that will put together many artists and activists. An exhibition that starts from the first “fractures” of the present, evoking "the evanescent debris of previous disasters". The Biennale of Art – like Paolo Baratta, president of the Foundation, made clear - should not be similar to a trade show but also serves as an independent form of expression that reflects on obsessions, anxieties, utopias of our time. The 56th International Art Exposition will have three theorical fulcrums, even three overlapping filters where "the curator along with artists, activists, the public and the participants of each gender will be the stars in the open central orchestration of this project". One of this filters will be The Capital by Karl Marx. The spectrum of capitalism will wander through the Biennale this year. A part of the exposition will be dedicated to the live reading of the four books of Das Kapital of Marks and gradually will expand with recitals of work songs, little books, play readings, discussions, plenary sessions and film projections dedicated to different theories and explorations of The Capital. Theatre ensemble, actors, intellectuals, students and members of the public will be invited to make a contribution to the program of readings and their voices will flood and permeate the halls surrounding of a magnificent display of oral talent. Another theme on which will focus the expository path of the 56th International Art Exposition of the Venice Biennale will be Vitality, or epic life, interpreted as a dramatization of the exhibition space as a live event in continuous development. The other filter, The Garden of  Disorder, located in Giardini and in the Central Pavilion as well as in Corderie, in the Giardini delle vergini (Garden of the Virgins) of the Arsenale and other selected areas in Venice, uses the historical space of the Giardini of the Biennale as a metaphor through which explore the current historical moment. The Art Biennale 2015 will be a platform from which to analyse the changes in the global environment, to read the Gardens, with its battered set of halls, as the last site of a disordered world, conflicts of national and regional and geopolitical deformation. By the time it was just mentioned the way of development of the exposure. For more details and to know the artists then we will have to wait until February 2015.


56th International Art Exposition
Venice Biennale Venice Biennale Venice Biennale, Italia
56th International Art Exposition