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The headquarters of the Venice Biennale are situated in a beautiful 15th-century Gothic building overlooking the Bacino di San Marco, right at the beginning of the Grand Canal: Ca' Giustinian, one of the most representative examples of the late Venetian Gothic style. Originally a patrician residence, the architecture was built in the late 15th century (1471) by the union of two different buildings, Giustinian and Badoer-Tiepolo.

Today Ca' Giustinian is the official headquarters of the Venice Biennale but it also hosts the municipal tourism offices as well as an open space for conferences, concerts, cultural and political events, turning into a multifunctional centre, according to the Biennale scheduled exhibition programme for the Palazzo delle Esposizioni at the Giardini.

This remarkable architecture, with its fine interiors where light become a protagonist and defines spaces, worth definitely a visit. One of the most admired rooms is the Sala delle Colonne, a unique place for both its structural and architectural features that dates back to the 30's and became a flexible space after the restoration of the building at the end of August 2012. In fact, the main conferences and meetings with the artists and personalities of the contemporary arts are held there.

Moreover, on the ground floor the ancient Sala degli Specchi (overlooking the basin) has become L’ombra del Leone, a cafeteria and also an open salon for the city, the ideal place for a breakfast or a simple lunch overlooking the Grand Canal.

Entrance is free.



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