Venice Carnival 2013 – Vivi i colori – Live in colour ?>

Venice Carnival 2013 - Vivi i colori – Live in colour

From: 26-01-2013 To: 12-02-2013

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  • LOCATION: Venice

The Venice Carnival 2013 is dedicated to colour: the title of the carnival this year is, in fact, “Vivi i colori – Live in colour”. The events will unfold from 26 January to 12 February 2013 and, alongside the theme of colour, the programme is taking the approach of last year, dedicating a great amount of room to cultural events and involving key institutions, from the city museums to Venice’s churches and buildings. You have an enormous number of shows in store all over the city: daily events including theatre, music, the circus, gastronomy and cinema. Of course, the 2013 Carnival will not neglect the traditional events such as the Volo dell’Angelo (“the Angel Flight”), the Festa delle Marie (“Marie Contest”) and the Festa Veneziana in Cannaregio, not to mention the usual twists and turns as the carnival unfolds. Again this year, the traditional GranTeatro in St Mark’s Square will be set up for the carnival, a unique setting in the world’s most famous square, where you’ll be able to take on a leading role in the carnival’s events. The theme of the Carnival of Venice 2013 is colour, explains artistic director Davide Rampello, “because there is no city on earth where its colours are brought out better than when reflecting off the water of Venice’s canals and lagoon. The Carnival of Venice 2013 will be the Carnival of colour, as each colour conveys and arouses an emotion which each one of us associates to a particular mood. This experience of colour is one that is thoroughly cultural; religious, national or mythological traditions all associate themselves with colours that can be magical, miraculous, satanic or sacred. The Carnival is the festival of cultures par excellence, especially in Venice, being the first cosmopolitan metropolis in Europe.” For Complete Programme click here


Venice Carnival 2013 – Vivi i colori – Live in colour
Venice Venice Venice, Italia
Venice Carnival 2013 – Vivi i colori – Live in colour