Venice Carnival 2015: The Big Opening ?>

Venice Carnival 2015: The Big Opening

From: 31-01-2015 To: 17-02-2015
Canale di Cannaregio

  • LOCATION: Canale di Cannaregio

The Big Opening of Venice Carnival: an extraordinary floating show, the exhibition of a pianist and his piano suspended in the air and the traditional “Festa Veneziana”

Venice Carnival 2015, presented in Palazzo Labia, reveals a rich and tasty programme reflecting the main theme of Expo Milano 2015: food. 31st January 6.00pm to 6.30pm: “The Magic Banquet” – water show in Sestiere Cannaregio (a district of Venice) The 2015 Venice Carnival will be officially opened with a magnificent floating show along the Rio of Cannaregio, “The Magic Banquet”. The show has been conceived by Nu’art and is directed by Gabriele Rizzi. “The Magic Banquet” combines the best international performances with suggestive scenic design, following the tasty theme of food. The event is divided into two parts (one taking place at 6pm and the other at 8pm) but any chapter represents a celebration to the powers of flavour. Coffee cups and strawberries will be some of the elements of a floating world, telling in an ironic and astonishing way the flavours of a menu typically Made in Italy. The show will reach the peak with 4 hot-air balloons and 4 floating structures, just before the grand final, when a big hot-air balloon representing Venice will burst on the scene. February 1st, from 11am: the traditional “Festa Veneziana” on the water, water parades and the world changing piano. On February 1st, the typical feast continues in Cannaregio with the floating “Festa Veneziana”, combining the rowing culture and the pleasure of local cuisine. At 11pm a rowing water parade will start from Punta della Dogana, going along with a pianist who will literally fly with them on the Grand Canal. Actually, Venice Carnival Opening will be the chance to present for the first time the great performance “The world changing piano” in which the pianist Paolo Zanarella will play his piano six metres above the water. When the boats will arrive in Rio Canareggio, the “Festa Veneziana” will start with the opening of the wine and food stalls, offering everyone more than 20.000 wine tasting and Venetian specialities for free: from Pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans) to bigoli in salsa, from baccalà to sarde in saor and, to not forget, the delicious carnival cakes: frittelle e galani. All the events are free for everyone  


Venice Carnival 2015: The Big Opening
Canale di Cannaregio Canale di Cannaregio Canale di Cannaregio, Italia
Venice Carnival 2015: The Big Opening