Cavallino Treporti - Venice Beach

  • LOCATION: Cavallino

Cavallino Treporti: a perfect location for summer holidays on the beach and to visit Venice

A long strip of land with its beach of golden sand stretches between Jesolo and the lighthouse of Punta Sabbioni. That's Cavallino, a 15 kilometers peninsula, at 15 minutes from Venice,  filled with picturesque villages, Ca' Savio, Tre Porti and Lio Grando, which offer history, culture and a great warm hospitality. The entire area is also filled with well-equipped campsites and for this reason it's called the Camper's Paradise. Moreover, it's the ideal choice for a vacation that combines sea, sun and culture. In fact, it's very easy to get to Venice with a short boat ride (departures every half an hour from Punta Sabbioni). Not only sea and sun, Cavallino give you also the opportunity to discover his natural environment of unspoilt beauty organizing tours by bike, by car or on foot leaving from Treporti and exploring the northern Lagoon. In that way you can admire the canals, the fish farms and some little picturesque houses built of wood which are called “Casoni”. Last but not least, don't forget to taste the delicious typical cuisine in one of the many restaurants of the area which propose you rice dishes, seafood, first and second courses where the flavor of the fish blends with the delicate flavor of the vegetables produced locally.


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