Maurizio Galimberti - PAESAGGIO ITALIA

From: 16-02-2013 To: 12-05-2013
Palazzo Franchetti
  • LOCATION: Palazzo Franchetti

The “PAESAGGIO ITALIA” (Italian landscapes) exhibition in Palazzo Franchetti in Venice will remain open until 12th May 2013, promoted by the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Arts and Humanities and dedicated to the work of Maurizio Galimberti: an out-of-the-ordinary anthological work on the theme of Italian landscape, a portrait expressed through the Instants Artist’s Polaroid experiments. The retrospective presents over 150 images, some of the great Italian photographer’s most significant shots; a synthesis of the research he began in the early 1990s, which rediscovers and narrates our country. For the first time, a large exhibition and a book document the never-before-seen Grand Tour. The exhibitive journey sets itself up as an imposing kaleidoscope of images, made up of unique, unrepeatable shots recounting the journeys and digressions of Maurizio Galimberti, transfiguring the world through new eyes, communicating to the spectator the experience of transformation and renewal matured by the artist in these twenty years of work on the landscape. Thanks to the wide variety of composite possibilities explored, his Polaroids become a treasure box of infinite views, allowing our country to be unexpectedly reread and rediscovered. Architecture, cities and landscapes are all offered up in the form of single Polaroids: “mosaics”, modified Polaroids in a Duchampesque ready-made, pop version representing those methods of technique and expression that the artist has always preferred. That artist who, for the occasion, offers us a world premiere – an experiment with the new film Impossible, first reproduction in black and white.


Maurizio Galimberti – PAESAGGIO ITALIA
Palazzo Franchetti Palazzo Franchetti Palazzo Franchetti, Italia
Maurizio Galimberti – PAESAGGIO ITALIA