Venice Ghetto and Jewish Museum

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  • LOCATION: Campo di Ghetto nuovo 2902/b , 30121 Venezia VE

Ghetto is a Venetian word and the ghettos of the whole world owe their name to the small island completely surrounded by a ring of water where the Jews lived: Venice Ghetto.

HISTORY: At the end of the 15th century the Republic, always ready to take advantage from situations, granted the Jews (who weren’t allowed to own anything and had therefore become money-lenders, small retailers, doctors and musicians) the right to live in a limited area of the city. From 1516 to 1797 they resided in an area characterized by the presence of cannon foundries, where the casting of metals (ghetto, or getto) was performed, hence the name Ghetto which was, therefore, born in Venice. THE SINAGOGUES: In Campo del Ghetto Nuovo stand the high multi-storey where the Jewish community was forced to live in such a limited area that high floors were cut into two and as many floors as possible were added. In the dense urban structure, some domes mark the presence of synagogues, ldings Cannaregio 72 and can be identified by the presence of tall windows on the top floor. There are 7 of them and the most famous ones are the 3 most ancient ones, all settled in the aforementioned Campo: the Scuola Grande Tedesca (1528-29, renovated in the 18th century) the Scuola Canton (1931-32) and the Scuola Italiana (1575, renovated at the beginning of the 18th century).  

How to get there: By public transport ACTV Line 1 or 2, S. Marcuola - Ghetto stop; Line 4.1-4.2-5.1-5.2, Ponte delle Guglie - Ghetto stop Museum

Opening hours: From 1st June to 30th September: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm (cash register closes at 6.00 pm); from 1st October to 31st May: 10am - 5.30pm (cash register closing at 5pm).

On Fridays and on the eve of the Jewish holidays, the museum can close early.

Visiting hours of the synagogue: guided tours leaving every hour, in Italian and English 10.30 - 11.30 - 12.30 - 13.30 - 14.30 - 15.30 -16.30 - (17.30)

.Last guided tour, from June 1st to September 30th, at 17.30 ; from 1st October to 31st May, at 4.30 pm.

It is possible, for ritual reasons, that the last Friday tours may be reduced or eliminated.


Full ticket: € 8.00

Reduced ticket: € 6.00 (for children from 6 years, students up to 26 years, FAI members, Touring members or Coop members).

Free ticket: for children under 6 years, accompanying persons with disabilities, ICOM members.


Full ticket: € 12.00

Reduced ticket: € 10.00 (for children from 6 years, students up to to 26 years, FAI members, Touring members or Coop members).

Special ticket: € 7.00 for ICOM members and affiliated tourist passes.

Free ticket: for children under 6 years, accompanying persons with disabilities.


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