LE MUSICHE DEI GRIMANI – Review of Renaissance Music ?>

LE MUSICHE DEI GRIMANI - Review of Renaissance Music

From: 01-02-2013 To: 15-06-2013
Palazzo Grimani
  • LOCATION: Palazzo Grimani

In Palazzo Grimani (Venice, Campo Santa Maria Formosa), an interesting Review of renaissance and baroque music concerts, organised by the School of Ancient Music in Venice and entitled LE MUSICHE DEI GRIMANI (the music of the Grimani family), started in January of this year and will last until June 2013. Palazzo Grimani is not only particularly suitable for music from the architectural and acoustic points of view, but it also played a crucial part in the history of music in general and of that in Venice in particular. In the 1600s, the Grimani family were among the first to dedicate a theatre - the San Giovanni e Paolo - to public works; they then built the most sumptuous of all of Venice’s theatres, the San Giovanni Grisostomo; in the 1700s, they dedicated their San Samuele Theatre to melodrama. This brought them into contact with many famous musicians (from Monteverdi and Cavalli, to Handel, Hasse and Galuppi). The twelve music programmes, each an hour long, are accompanied by an historical research on the musical environment of the Grimani family and on their connection to the various repertoires, which will be presented as an introduction to the concert. The pieces will be performed under the care of the teachers of the School of Ancient Music of Venice and guest musicians and played on original instruments or exact copies, played how they were in the past. The scores have been taken from facsimiles of the originals or, where unavailable, scientifically accurate editions. Click here for complete programme of concerts


LE MUSICHE DEI GRIMANI – Review of Renaissance Music
Palazzo Grimani Palazzo Grimani Palazzo Grimani, Italia
LE MUSICHE DEI GRIMANI – Review of Renaissance Music