Venice Lido

  • LOCATION: Lido

Venice Lido island, known as the golden island of Venice, is a promontory 12 kilometres long separating the Adriatic see from the lagoon; thanks to such comfortable geographical position, it is a place suitable for staying all the year long, and especially from March to October. It is rich in buildings of 1700s, such as the Murazzi, namely a long expanse of rocks placed there by man in order to protect this narrow promontory, which extends, for half of the island, nearly to the Casinò (closed at present) and the Palace of Cinema, where every year the well known Cinema Exhibition takes place. Lido was appreciated already since 1820, and just for this reason it was chosen as the destination and residence of several writers and poets such as Lord Byron and T. Mann, who set one of his most famous novels, ‘Death in Venice’, in the well known Hotel Des Bains, representing an exceptional work masterly transposed into the cinema screens by Luchino Visconti. The Lido of Venice is the right choice for those who search for tranquillity, open spaces and relaxing and green landscapes, after spending a whole day among the crowded narrow streets or ‘calli’ of the historical centre. Along the tree-lined alleys there are elegant Villas built at the beginning of 1900s. With its 12 kilometres of beaches, the Lido is, at present, the less chaotic and the most refined place of the Adriatic coast, becoming the destination of those who long for a relaxing atmosphere. The main feature of the equipped beaches of the Lido is the cabin: it is a big bathing-hut including a veranda and a tent which are added to the closed structure; but if you want you can find also wonderful and original free beaches such as that of St. Nicolò and the Alberoni, with their natural dunes. This island is also the place where the Venetians and tourists have found the necessary equipment to practice different sports such as tennis, archery and golf; at the Alberoni, in fact, there is one of the best European golf courses. After a good relaxing bathe, a beautiful walk on the beach, or a tennis match, you can end your day by visiting the ancient Jewish cemetery, whose foundation dates back to 1389: it is a very evocative place where renowned Jewish families are resting. Oryou can easily reach the ancient picturesque district of Malamocco, that is a small Venice in miniature, with its canals and narrow streets or ‘calli’.


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