Museo Navale - Historical Naval Museum

  • TELEFONO E FAX: 0412441399


  • LOCATION: Riva S. Biasio Castello, 2148 - 30122 Venezia

Museo storico navale (historical naval museum) is fundamental to understand why Venice was superior to the other maritime republics. In it you can find nautical instruments, cannons, torpedos and most of all many models of ships including one of the last Bucintoros, the galley on which the Doge took part to the wedding to the Sea on Ascension day, during the festa della Sensa. Opening Hours: From Monday to Friday 08.44 am - 1.30pm; Close on Sunday Tickets Museo Storico Navale - Full ticket € 5.00 Museo Storico Navale - Concessions € 3.50


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