Scuola Grande di San Marco

  • LOCATION: Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, Castello, Venezia

The Scuola Grande di S. Marco is one of the most ancient ones in Venice. The building was recently restored and is now possible to visit the interior, as well as admire the harmonious facade. The second floor offers the magnificence of the Sala Capitolare and the altar by Sansovino, where is located the Museum of the History of Medicine, and the Sala dell'Albergo, the historic seat of the Medical Historical Library. The Scuola Grande di San Marco was founded in 1261 in the church of Santa Croce in Luprio (which was later destroyed).The Scuola was rebuilt in 1487 and in 1488 the sculpture and architectural works were commissioned to Pietro Lombardo and his collaborator Giovanni Buora. The sides were completed between 1533 and 1546 by Jacopo Sansovino. The large vestibule opens with ten Corinthian columns standing on high pedestals decorated with elegant tiles. The two doors to the right lead to the notable two-flight staircase by Mauro Codussi. The Scuola continued to operate till the end of the Republic. The Austrians turned the building into a military hospital and today it hosts the city hospital (Ospedale Civile). Opening Hours From Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 1.00 pm 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm Free Entry


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