Southern Lagoon: Lido, Chioggia and Pellestrina

  • LOCATION: pellestrina

The Southern Lagoon, namely the ‘water park’ of Venice, is full of secrets that, for not a long time, everybody has been able to visit on boath.

This area, contained between the lagoon town and Chioggia, Lido island, Pellestrina Isle and the Riviera del Brenta, still nowadays represents a coffer of biodiversities and it is furrowed by some not-to-miss itineraries for the lovers of bird-watching but also for those who want to discover Venice in a very original way. During the itinerary you can catch sight of the marks of man on strands and islets which have been inhabited since ancient times. Actually they were used as grounds for hunting and fishing activities, as well as for fish breeding and the military defence of Venice. Then, you can run into the ancient shelters for fishermen: the so-called ‘casoni’, such as the casone Millecampi, with its fishing balance, the casone of Valle Averto and the casone Prime Poste. Very educational particularly is the visit to Valle Zappa. Here man breeds sea bass, sea breams, eels and crabs, that will end up on the stalls of Rialto as well as the other fishing markets of the Veneto. In the Southern Lagoon there is a the secret casolare, which is little known even among the inhabitants of the lagoon isles: we are speaking of the refined Hunting Casone of Valle Zappa, built in 1925 with a style reminding us the one of northern Europe residences. It is a very unusual presence but which, despite its showy windows and the refined details, is wonderfully inserted into the landscape.


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