“The spirit of Venice’s music” Festival ?>

"The spirit of Venice's music" Festival

From: 20-11-2014 To: 30-06-2016
Theatre La Fenice
  • WEBSITE: www.teatrolafenice.it

  • LOCATION: Theatre La Fenice

Last year the Festival “ The spirit of Venice's music ”, organized by Theatre la Fenice, was focused on the idea of Europe, and the cultural side of the festival offered the premiere of Hotel Europe by Bernard-Henri Lévy. In 2015 the focus will be on the dialogue between Christianity and Islam, in which the city of Venice has a strategic role. With regard to 2016 the trilogy will be closed with the staging of The Bridge on the Drina masterpiece of Ivo Andric headed by the film director Emir Kusturica and with the musics of Dejan Sparavalo. This year's edition will concentrate on Venice as emblem and the centre of cultural, musical, economic and philosophical exchanges among different civilizations and cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. From the musical point of view a particular attention will be given to twines, focusing on the production of the sixteenth century from Willaert to Gabrieli and Monteverdi, or on the oriental influences, such as in greghesche, musical works in which there's the use of other languages than Italian, or melodies from distant countries reached by the trade of Venice. Will be staged Juditha triumphans by Antonio Vivaldi, opera that perfectly represents the Venetian way to look at the east countries, next to the premiere in modern times of Antonio Caldara's Daphne. Will also be staged The disagreement between a Saracen and a Christian by Giovanni Damasceno (675-749), a text that symbolizes a world characterized by relations using a profound dialogue in which the interlocutors address and debate issues of great relevance with absolute mutual respect. There will also be concerts of the Baroque Orchestra of the Festival in various Venetian Churches, on the Islands and in Mestre, and also some piano concerts of the winners of the Venezia Prize with the collaboration of Solisti Veneti. In the meanwhile there will be an exhibition named “Women at Opera” which can be considered as an important part of the search for new horizons and new perspectives about opera. In this exhibition there will be a path made by the satirical cartoons of Pat Carrara exposing the history of opera, with the aim to demystify some stereotypes and at the same time bring out the leading role of women, not only leading lady.


“The spirit of Venice’s music” Festival
Theatre La Fenice Theatre La Fenice Theatre La Fenice, Italia
“The spirit of Venice’s music” Festival