Osteria n.1 cafè wine bar

Via Flaminio Pellegrini, 2 37022 Fumane Verona
  • CARATTERISTICHE: high cuisine, quality/price, restaurants, Valpolicella
  • TELEFONO E FAX: 045 770 1375

  • WEBSITE: osterianumero1.com

  • EMAIL: info@osterianumero1.com

  • LOCATION: Via Flaminio Pellegrini, 2 37022 Fumane Verona

Osterianumerouno is a  fancy place in the heart of Valpolicella where you can try  authentic traditional menus and drink local wines. Osterianumerouno  is considered one of the best  trattorias in Valpolicella, featuring traditional regional dishes, reinterpreted and lightened by Nicola Mazzucchelli (chef), as well as great wines from the surrounding area.  Set among the green hills above Fumane Osterianumerouno rewards diners an unforgettable experience, peaceful and genuine. Guests are greeted by Michele Filippi  whose welcoming smile and gracious manner make one feel immediately at home. Our menu changes seasonally, however certain classics like risotto and fresh home-made pastas are available year round. All of the dishes are made to order with quality ingredients. CUISINE The cuisine is easy and tasty. The food is prepared by Niccolò Mazzucchelli simply with the finest ingredients. Our menu is inspired by local and seasonal ingredients, in the vein of a traditional Italian Osteria with a touch of innovation. INGREDIENTS Great food need not be elaborate or overwrought, but rather fresh, uncomplicated and well executed in order to get out of the way of the ingredients and find the joy in their innate flavors and qualities. The joy of eating fresh ingredients prepared simple. OUR DISHES Simple Italian classics together on one menu.  Hand-made fresh  pasta , gnocchi, risotto, (tasty rice soup), polenta (a thick cream made with corn flour), artisanal salami, cured meats, "Malga" cheeses and fresh vegetables.    



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Osteria n.1 cafè wine bar

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Osteria n.1 cafè wine bar

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Osteria n.1 cafè wine bar

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