Ristorante la divina

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via Conca d'Oro, 1 37015 San Giorgio di Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona) Lago di Garda
  • CARATTERISTICHE: high quality, suggestions, typical dishes, Valpolicella
  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39 045 68.01.703

  • WEBSITE: www.ristoranteladivina.it

  • EMAIL: info@ristoranteladivina.it

  • LOCATION: via Conca d'Oro, 1 37015 San Giorgio di Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona) Lago di Garda

The Ristorante La Divina is in the heart of the Valpolicella, area of famous vineyards which produce the equally famous Amarone wine of the Valpolicella. It’s name, La Divina, is dedicated to the beauty, harmony and grace, to the exquisite pleasures of eating, it’s delicacies and it’s seduction. From the terrace you can admire the Lake Garda, with its beautiful sunsets and stunning views breathtaking. Our staff boast many years of tradition and refined hospitality. For us it’s a privilege to be able to offer our guests the results of our gastronomic research, always personal and attentive in suggesting seasonal products. A cuisine that perfumes of herbs and olive oil, which favour the genuine taste, but above all a cuisine far from the great food elaborations. Our dishes, are above all, made using products of the Italian territory, territory which offers all the best which one can desire, and enhances the Italian culinary art. KITCHEN In a relaxing, tranquil climate you can enjoy our unique dishes, with the staff’s complicity and kindness, making your meals moments of pleasure and precious memories. Our staff will greet you with their cordiality, and will propose recipes to taste which are rich in fantasy, unique and innovated. The cuisine is traditional and creative, made lighter and tastier, thanks to the experience of our chefs ready to satisfy every need and desire. Raw fresh fish every day from May to September and raw fish on request to order in winter. Raw seafood of shrimps, prawns and oysters, scallop carpaccio, scampi tartare, prawn tartare, tuna tartare. We guarantee the quality of our kitchen, all raw fish is cut down according to law (excluding oysters) and we guarantee the quality. The pastries are rigorously made by us, even with typical cakes of the local tradition and gastronomic culture. Well taken care of is the wine list of white wines, reds and local sparkling wines with a wide choice, in particular, the wines of the Valpolicella which are of world wide fame, including the famous Amarone of the Valpolicella.



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