Biennale 2014 – Dance protagonist at Corderie dell’Arsenale ?>

Biennale 2014 – Dance protagonist at Corderie dell'Arsenale

From: 05-06-2014 To: 23-11-2014
Corderie dell'Arsenale

  • LOCATION: Corderie dell'Arsenale

This year the entire Biennale is in the Biennale. For the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, at Corderie dell'Arsenale the section entitled 'Monditalia' will involve all the Venice Biennale fields: Dance, Music, Theatre and Cinema.

June 7th 2014 is the date: the International Architecture Exhibition opens to the public and the Corderie dell'Arsenale will present continuously dance performances in a space conceived by Director Rem Koolhaas as a 'multidisciplinary work in progress', constantly evolving. 6 stages has been located in the 15th century spaces, next to Monditalia architecture works of art, where a ceaseless cycle of every kind of events will create a changing exhibition day after day. Definitely an unusual situation for both choreographers and dancers, and for the visitors as well. Dance must change in relation to the space, to the freedom of the spectator and his direct gaze, to the narration of a work in progress. For this occasion Virgilio Sieni, director of the Biennale Dance Section, invited several artists: Michele Di Stefano, winner of the Silver Lion for innovation, Roy Assaf, Luisa Cortesi, Marina Giovannini, Cristina Rizzo, Giuseppe Comuniello, a blind performer, and Kinkaleri. The Corderie will also be the special venue for the first “Appunti del Vangelo secondo Matteo” (Notes on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew), a special project by Virgilio Sieni that will be on stage over the first three weekends of July.  


Biennale 2014 – Dance protagonist at Corderie dell’Arsenale
Corderie dell'Arsenale Corderie dell'Arsenale Corderie dell'Arsenale, Italia
Biennale 2014 – Dance protagonist at Corderie dell’Arsenale