Ristorante borgo antico

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Ospedaletto di Pescantina 57, Pescantina
  • CARATTERISTICHE: high cuisine, italian cuisine, luxury, quality/price, restaurants, Valpolicella
  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39 045 6767300

  • WEBSITE: www.ristoranteborgoantico.com

  • EMAIL: ristorante@villaquaranta.com

  • LOCATION: Ospedaletto di Pescantina 57, Pescantina

The ristorante borgo antico's chefs ready to bring to your tables the summer culinary ideas artfully prepared with seasonal and exclusively local products. Balanced and persistent flavors will make you perceive Villa Quaranta's deep passion for good food. Borgo Antico restaurant is a place of culinary pleasure and well being.The heart of Borgo Antico are the Chefs, a team of professionals and creators of flavors led by Emanuele Selvi and directed by the Food & Beverage Manager Enrico De Togni in a customized service also for large events, weddings and family celebrations. THE WINES An ever changing wine list that includes over 1300 labels has been awarded for 7 straight years the 2 glasses form Wine Specator.The Borgo Antico restaurant offers labels ranging from the most famous wines of Valpolicella, but also the most prestigious wines of the 5 Tommasi estates in suitable areas such as Tuscany and Puglia, to international wines, passing through the rarities and classics of Italian production. A "living" wine list in tune with the vintages, to be combined with the delicacies prepared by our chefs.

CELEBRATE All future spouses have the opportunity to enjoy the choice of dishes for their wedding reception. A real food and wine journey led by the Chefs and the manager of our award-winning cellar, to create the best food-wine combination that will remain impressed on the palates of your guests. Our cuisine is constantly evolving and offers traditional dishes rich in history and revisited in a modern way.





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Ristorante borgo antico

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Ristorante borgo antico

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