Gastrosteria Ai Mercanti

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San Marco 4346/A | Calle dei Fuseri Corte Coppo | Venezia
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  • LOCATION: San Marco 4346/A | Calle dei Fuseri Corte Coppo | Venezia

Everything started in 1980 in a place over the bridge in campo delle Becarie, where Nadia and Diego proposed their clients traditional local cuisine with even more venetian “ombre al banco” (wine shots on a bar). While learning, developing and, growing, in 1996 “Ai Mercanti” moved to San Marco quartier, Nadia headed it’s kitchen and alterated the cuisine type into contemporary one. These changes were highly appreciated not only by customers, but also by the famous Michelin – in 2008 “Ai Mercanti” restaurant got it’s third fork in a “red guide”. Unfortunatelly the same year the economy faced serious challenges. But even whenthe times changed, the world continued going on and the question arose how to keep moving without loosing your face and idea? The answer was found by the son of Nadia and Diego – Simone Poli, who was inspired by the newest restaurant trend from France – bistronomie. Thus following the idea of high cuisine made of cheaper raw material Simone created gastrosteria (a blend of “gastronomy” and Italian “osteria” instead of a french “bistro”). And nowdays a dinner in Ai Mercanti with its modern cosy atmospere and seasonal creative menu can be afforded by everybody. The wine list is concentrated on small Italian producers, which Ai Mercanti is happy to promote and present to its foreign customers. Though some famous labels are as well in the list. Passionate chef Nadia Locatello her sous chef Luca and Francesco with the help of Simone, Ania and Diego are happy to host You in Venice, San Marco, Corte Coppo.



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