Restaurant La Caravella

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Via XXII Marzo | 2399 Venice, Italy
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  • LOCATION: Via XXII Marzo | 2399 Venice, Italy

Restaurant La Caravella, one of the most celebrated Venice restaurant, opened in the early Sixties, when it took over from Ciro’s bar, at the time a very famous venue (it was even mentioned by Simone de Beauvoir in her books). The restaurant was well-known then, as it is today, for for its superb cuisine and excellent service, but also for the unique nautical style of its décor, designed by Luigi Orefice to recreate the interior of an ancient sailing ship. In summer the Caravella restaurant moves outdoors to the flower-filled Venetian inner courtyard. The menu features typical dishes but also the more inventive and innovative fare of creative cuisine, using fresh seasonal ingredients. The uncompromising quality of the fish and meat dishes is guaranteed by an attentive choice of purveyors, whose produce is in full compliance with the most recent regulations on food product traceability. La Caravella is open year round and there is no closing day.



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Restaurant La Caravella

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